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A whole year between posts says just one thing – lazy people maintain this blog! All of us are profoundly apologetic about this, but between work, travel, taking pictures and maintaining the main blog, no one of us had time to update this space more regularly. But we’ve dusted out the cobwebs, blown out the […]

Of chappatis and sunsets

My grandfather (he was a keen photographer himself) once told me that preparation was everything in photography. But what happens when your preparation isn’t quite enough? You go and find yourself some chappati making roundels! Well, not everytime, but when I took “By the brook“, I did exactly that. On the first day of my […]

Magic minutes

It helps as a photographer if you aren’t one of the lazy types. Good photographs, especially landscapes are best when they are taken during what is commonly called the “magic hour” – those precious few minutes before sunset or the ones immediately after a sunrise. The relatively low angle of the sun means objects are […]

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