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A tiny bit of the universe

Am thrilled to be blogging on the India daily photo blog. Much is new for IDP, in time with the new year, we have a new theme. It took us ages and plenty of conversation to make up our minds, but we’re happy.

When I checked the calender and realized that 1st January 2009 was a Thursday (the day I usually post a photo on) I decided that I wanted to do something special… and I think this was the first time I went out to make a photo with something very specific in mind. 

I wanted a little plant/flower/bud popping it’s head from the earth – something I thought was very representative of what this new year means to me, and what I wish it to be for everyone. 

I traveled to Hampi over the last weekend, and the morning, I woke up, stepped into the sunlight, the light was perfect and gorgeous and with a slight bit of effort, we spotted the tiniest, cheerfully bright yellow petaled flower that looked so brand new. 

We sprinked a little water to make the earth damp and soft, and I zoomed in to capture the tiny fragment of life – which came up because of so many things being right -the earth, the nourishment, water, the sunlight, and a while ago, a small seed. 

And that is how my special photo was made.


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