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Magic minutes

It helps as a photographer if you aren’t one of the lazy types. Good photographs, especially landscapes are best when they are taken during what is commonly called the “magic hour” – those precious few minutes before sunset or the ones immediately after a sunrise. The relatively low angle of the sun means objects are […]

The making of ‘Steam’

My dad walks into my bedroom and asks, “Where’s the Zenit?, Are you still using it?”. I confessed I hadn’t used it much in the last year and that it still had a roll of B&W film in it. “Well, why don’t you try something out tonight?”, he prodded. And so it began! I found […]

Print Your Lens Hoods!

Yes, that’s right! No more lugging around that infernal piece of plastic that always sticks out like a sore thumb in your backpack. Presenting – these guys offer a variety of printable lens hoods. Download the PDF file, print, cut and slap it on!  I have made three of them so far, all of […]

A tiny bit of the universe

Am thrilled to be blogging on the India daily photo blog. Much is new for IDP, in time with the new year, we have a new theme. It took us ages and plenty of conversation to make up our minds, but we’re happy. When I checked the calender and realized that 1st January 2009 was […]